A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

NOTE: Please allow for a few seconds (typically 8-10) between level transitions as the environment loads.


    WASD to move around. 

    Press X to swap vision modes.

    ESC to turn on Pause Menu.

The Living Space is a first person immersive experience. The game challenges the standard goal oriented experience of traditional video games by giving players the freedom to explore the space at their own pace. The environment within the game alters, visually and aurally, based on the player’s gaze and movement. This allows players to create their own unique experience and even their own ‘game’ essentially. Players draw their own insight from the environment of the game and gain their own meaning from playing.

Through this, it challenges the preconceived goal oriented structures of a typical video game and allows players to explore freely, with no particular objective in mind.

 Do as you wish at your own pace.

Playing with headphones recommended for deeper immersive experience!


The Living Space (Windows).zip 495 MB
The Living Space (iOS).zip 495 MB

Install instructions

For Mac users: 

Once you download the zip file and open it in the Applications Folder, you may receive a warning saying 'the application cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified'. To get past this: 

 1. Click 'Cancel'.

 2. Open ''System Preferences'' and go to ''Security and Privacy''.

 3. Click ''Open Anyway''.

Now the game should be able to run.


you can download the Itch app (https://itch.io/app) which will allow you to download and play the game on both Windows and Mac with no issue.

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